Our People

Our core team is formed of veterans in the real estate space each seasoned enough to help you in each phase of helping build your dream home. Here are the key members of Designer Homes.

DH - Directors

Team Meeting at Designer Homes, Christchurch.

Rajesh Thakur

Rajesh Thakur

Managing Director

Rajesh has a master’s degree in management and a diploma in Interior Designing. He has over 12 years of experience in Construction, Kitchen interiors and Interior designing. He has a successful entrepreneurial history, running a successful Kitchen Interior and Tiles company which, he grew to$2 million in revenues. Rajesh shares his wealth of knowledge with his franchisees, from project viability, pricing, through delivery of home.

Ajit Kumar, Executive Director - Marketing

Ajit Kumar

Executive Director - Marketing

Ajit is a Management Graduate and has a Diploma in Sales Management from Manukau Institute of Technology. He comes with 25 years of experience in Building High Performance Sales Teams and developing succesful new markets. He has a proven track record of implementing business development strategies, market entry strategies and managing business relationships. Ajit oversees DH’s Marketing Operations, Branding and also heads Franchisee Expansion and Operations.


Tim Terpstra

Executive Director - Projects

Tim has over a decade of experience and technical expertise in residential and commercial building construction in Western Australia and Christchurch. Tim heads all the aspects of Project Management at DH. He is responsible for the bigger picture of DH and is constantly making sure that the future developments are there. He will deal with clients, suppliers, architects to ensure the projects have the correct budget but also that the client’s needs are met. Tim also oversees all business relations in the South Island.


Adilakshmi Singh

General Manager - Finance

Lakshmi comes with over 5 years of experience working as a Cost Accountant. At Designer Homes she helps the client work out the best deals and guides them on various financing options.


Rogelio Balauza

Builder ( LBP)

A professional with a perfect blend of skills and tools, Rogelio brings his intricate detailing and calculations right from the hinges to the roof. He is also a skilled carpenter. Just the man to bring a great interior decor to life for your dream home.


Ankur Patel

Building Associates

Ankur is a hand-on construction and development professional with expertise in all facets of residential construction development. He has a track record of successful completion of residential projects through coordinating trades, building rapport with Architects, Engineers, Local Officials, Vendors and Clients while maintaining costs. He is well versed in Project Estimating, impending design problems, document preparation, building code and regulations, material purchasing, site management through certification occupancy, Ankur is the go to person in DH for everything related to estimations and vendors.

Siju Rajan, Director - Designer Homes, Queenstown

Siju Rajan

Partner - Queenstown

Siju Rajan holds a PG Diploma in Hospitality & Business from the UK. He has helmed business in varied lines like Education Abroad, Share Trading, Retail and Restaurants. He specialises in Sales, Marketing & Brand Communication. He has a knack for running successful businesses over the years. Since he settled in Queenstown 4 years ago he has been studying about the property market there with a dream of launching his own real estate business. Designer Homes Queenstown is a fructification of his initiative and dreams.

Akshaya Khoda

Akshaya Khoda

Partner - Queenstown

Akshay Khoda, a PG Diploma Holder in Hospitality from New Zealand, brings to the table his more than a decade and a half exposure to real estate business and very strong connection with the Queenstown market. His professional experience includes stints in Hospitality, Farming and Real Estate. He always had an eye for numbers and focuses on Sales as well as Finance at Designer Homes, Queenstown.