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Your Dream Home

Home is where the Heart is.

Everyone dreams about building their very own nest of comfort. The dream varies from individual to individual. While some might want their dream home amid a sea of tranquility far from the maddening rush of the cities some might like it right in the middle of the rush very close to their work-place. Every Dream Home differs. We at Designer Homes take pride in turning your Dream Home into Reality.

Dream Your Dream Home.

Visualise your Dream Home. What do you see? Do you want help in checking the various designs? Designer Homes will help you select the right home plan for your Dream Home. Depending on your tastes you can choose from a wide variety of designs with outdoor living areas like porches, decks or patios, ensuite bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes, attached garages etc. You can go with open plan living, dining and kitchen areas or have them separate.

Next comes the choice about where you want to build your dream home. Have you already chosen a piece of land or do you want us to help in choosing it? We are here to guide you on this too. Designer Homes offers comprehensive solutions across House and Land as well as Home Renovations.

Designer Homes has laid out a very smooth and flexible process to help you dream your dream home better. We specialise in building affordable homes without compromising on your preferences. Our 8 Step Process will culminate with you getting your home key in your hands.

For latest updates on the New Zealand Residential data visit https://reinz.co.nz/. 

Every DH Home will be a Smart Home (Home Automation).

Switches, Lights, Garage doors, Main Entry Door etc will work on WiFi

AC, TV, Security Cameras can be operated with the phone

Central Heating System and Vaccum System.

Making Your Interiors as Exciting as the Exteriors


Light and Airy home office for your “work from home” days.

A designated home gym area with access to the pool.
Fabulous Roman styled pool with a heating option for a quick dip.
Be it the plains or near the suburbs, we have got it covered.
The living area features a fully working fireplace.
Laid out for an elaborate spread & guests or a candlelight dinner.
Beautifully decorated in neutral tones with solid wood.
A choice of 3 or more full bathrooms and shower rooms.

Magnificent View and Sunny Terraces

Enjoy your morning cup of coffee basking in the bright sunlight and enjoying the breath-taking natural views. Our designs and architecture are poised to give you the best of both – the view and ample light. We would leave it to your final choice of how you would like to spend your sunny afternoon.

Exclusive Tracking Feature

When you are building your dream home its natural to feel curious about the daily progress of the construction. Its natural that you feel the need to monitor or visit the construction site once in a while.

Every Client at Designer Homes will get an exclusive id to which all updates regarding the progress of the house will be updated on a periodic basis. We would also be happy to welcome you to the construction site (with a 48 hour prior notification) so that you can be aware and satisfied with the Quality of Building Materials that are being used. Because we know you are excited about realizing your dream home.

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