While we are always available to answer you queries, here are some of the frequently asked questions you can readily get answers to.

All our customers can avail both the options. The first option gives you the freedom to choose any location of your choice while the combo deal with Designer homes will restrict you to some locations only.

Your main point of contact, our senior supervisor, visits your construction site daily. We are in communication with you throughout the process – as much as you would like to be. Some clients are more hands off, and others want more frequent updates. We know your time is valuable but this is a huge investment, therefore the project manager and the leadership will always put themselves in your shoes and is available 24/7. You have a direct line to the owner at all phases.

While we will keep a close eye on the cost element, we will be able to share only a ball park cost with you in the planning phase and once you have selected the interior decor. However we may incur extra costs and will apprise of the buffer as and when we have the estimate.

DH has an In-House housing finance consultant, who will guide you through the housing finance processes and help you get the best possible housing loan basis for your eligibility and criterias.

Every Designer Homes client gets an exclusive and privileged email address to which all information will shared along with relevant photographs of the same. At the end of each milestone as per our building checklist,(which will be shared with you prior to the commencement of the construction) you will receive a detailed mail about the progress and what is the next step.

Yes, you can visit the site during construction. However we request you to inform us at least 48 Hours prior so that we can ensure your advisor tags along and ensures all safety procedures are followed.

DH has an In-House Insurance Consultant who will guide you through the Insurance process.

The time taken to build the house will depend on the type of house you are looking at. Normally this can vary anywhere between 90 – 120 days.

You will be getting a detailed page wise estimate for item wise specifications.

The time required for building plan approval and resource consent varies from city to city. In Auckland this period is expected to be not less than 60 days whereas in Christchurch this period could be anywhere between 30 – 45 days. Since approvals are matters concerning council we can expect some delays.

Once the house is constructed Final Approval has to come from the council. Once the council hands over the certificate handover will be immediate. Normally this process takes 2 – 3 days.