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Every DH Home will be a Smart Home (Home Automation)

At DH we understand how much your Dream Home means to you. We want you to have the most perfect experience with your Dream Home and to ensure the perfect experience we will be ensuring that every DH Home is a Smart Home.

And the icing on the cake!!!

For Select Customers the DH Smart Home will come at absolutely no additional charges.

Some of the benefits of having a Smart Home installed are:

Savings: Cutting utility costs over time, helping to prevent exorbitant power bills.

Safety: Your home is safer and more secure as automated lighting and alarm thwarts would-be burglars; Security cameras offer benefits through either remote monitoring of package deliveries or real-time video of home inhabitants or unwanted visitors.

Comfort: Smart Home automation can also help create a comfortable atmosphere. They provide intelligent and adaptive lighting, sound, and temperature, which can all help create an inviting environment.

Peace of Mind: Finally, a smart – home automation is for peace of mind. If you cannot remember whether you closed the garage after you left your home, you can verify the same remotely with an app.

Hand using smartphone by app smart home on mobile for remote control everything in home by wifi network.

Switches, Lights, Garage doors, Main Entry Door etc will work on WiFi

AC, TV, Security Cameras can be operated with the phone

Central Heating System and Vaccum System.