House Plans

single storey house plans

You do not have a land constraint and you want to enjoy the grandeur of your home without the bother of climbing up and down. You want your home to be minimalist, have economies of scales and be comparatively less maintenance. You have your aged parents who might be living with your or visiting you often. Whatever be your requirement our Architects will help you choose from a variety of Single Storey Home Plans.

double storey house plans

By choosing to build a double storey (two storey) house plans, you can essentially double the amount of living space in your home without having to double your land footprint. It means you can still buy your forever dream house with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms without having to buy a huge block of land. While both designs (single and double level) can be crafted to grandeur, there is a reason why double level houses are always the preferred choice. We provide one of the best Christchurch and Auckland new house Plans.

Putting a budget to your dreams is what helps best to make it a reality. Having said that, we have a template of prices you can choose from and their equivalent features. Talk to our expert today to help us help you plan better.