Our People

Our core team is formed of veterans in the real estate space each seasoned enough to help you in each phase of helping build your dream home. Here are the key members of Designer Homes.


Rajesh Thakur

Managing Director

Rajesh has a master’s degree in management and a diploma in Interior Designing. He has over 12 years of experience in Construction, Kitchen interiors and Interior designing. He has a successful entrepreneurial history, running a successful Kitchen Interior and Tiles company which, he grew to$2 million in revenues. Rajesh shares his wealth of knowledge with his franchisees, from project viability, pricing, through delivery of home.


Ajit Kumar

Executive Director - Marketing

Ajit is a Management Graduate and has a Diploma in sales management from Manukau Institute of Technology. He comes with 25yrs of experience building high performance sales teams, developing successful new markets. He has a proven track record of implementing business development strategies, market entry strategies and managing business relationships. Ajit oversees DH’s Marketing operations. and is responsible for DH’s Marketing, Branding and heads Franchisee Operations.


Tim Terpstra

Executive Director - Projects

Tim has over a decade of experience and technical expertise in residential and commercial building construction in Western Australia and Christchurch. Tim heads all the aspects of project management at DH. He is responsible for the bigger picture of DH and is constantly making sure that the future developments are there. He will deal with clients, suppliers and architects to ensure the projects have the correct budget but also that the client’s needs are met. Tim also oversees all business relation in the South Island.


Jesse Singh

Partner - Auckland

Jesse has 10+ years’ experience in Auckland Real Estate, he has vast experience in Developing, maintaining and tracking personalized marketing plans tailored specifically for individual homeowners for the sale of their property and Perform home evaluations and develop a competitive market analysis for individual homes. Jesse has also expertise to assist home buyers with finding the ideal home while focusing on relationships with mortgage brokers, attorney networks and in-house agents. He has advised over 500+ clients in Auckland, enabling them to take sound financial decisions in the sale and Purchase of real estate. He has joined DH as Partner- Auckland to meld his knowledge of real estate and to offer customers best value for money dream homes.


Rogelio Balauza

Builder ( LBP)

A professional with a perfect blend of skills and tools, Rogelio brings his intricate detailing and calculations right from the hinges to the roof. He is also a skilled carpenter. Just the man to bring a great interior decor to life for your dream home.


Adilakshmi Singh

General Manager - Finance

Lakshmi from with over 5 years of experience working as a Cost Accountant. At Designer Homes she will helps the client work out the best deals and also guides them on various financing options


Ankur Patel

Building Associates

With a diploma in management and a degree in civil engineering, Ankur has over 4 years experience managing projects across several firms. At DH, he oversees the project management.


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