Our Process

Selecting the Site

Every great home is built on a great foundation. To help you set the base, we focus on selecting the right site in terms of shape of the plot, lighting, slope, access to amenities and a sewer system. Location and size of the plot will decide how extensive your home design can be. Lighting and ventilation are another important factor. The third aspect is slope. Your house could be even more comfortable with access to ample amenities. Last but least you will also need a locality with good sewer system


Design & Budget

With the right base, we can work with you to create the ideal design for your home or improvise on existing templates based on needs. Be the type, size or the number of the rooms, Designer Homes experts will ensure you get the variety to ensure that you have made an informed decision. And of course, we will always keep your budget ceiling in mind unless you want to overstep the border. You get the additional consultation with your home expert at each step to help you make necessary changes well in advance.

Making the Plans

The third step will require us to put the design and dreams into an actionable plan so that we can assure you a timeline for each milestone we want to achieve up until handing over the keys to you. Our architects will recreate the plan with the dimensions approved by you and feasible in terms of the plot that you select and the building guidelines thereof. They will also ensure that there is no delay to creating the plans and revisions you suggest will be incorporated as quickly as possible.

Selecting the Finishes

Once we have finalized the plans the next step is to help you gather ideas and organize your vision. Right from the doorknobs to flooring to carpentry it is important to collaborate with your architect, builder, and designer. This is your home, so you should choose finishes that will make you happy. Remember, you’ll be living in this house for years to come. And like always we would keep our eyes and mind open for the budget you have in terms of time and money because taking too long to decide on the interiors could delay the overall process.


Getting Approvals

Getting approvals can be difficult when making a big investment like a home and we are here for just that. Right from land approvals, government clearances, land use restrictions, required documentation to even sourcing the right type of financing our team will advise from among best practices to make this smooth for you. While our involvement with this part will be limited to advisory roles, having someone to guide you through the process end to end can go a long way.

Managing the Build

The project team makes sure that the required tasks are being performed. At the same time, progress is monitored, and changes are being made accordingly. As a matter of fact, a project manager spends most of the time in the step of monitoring and depending on the information that he gets redirects the tasks and maintain the control of the project. Our construction process will be divided into milestones with a tentative date for completion of each from floor slab framing – walls & roof structure roofing to external finishes, windows & doors, rough ins and internal finishes.

Checking the Quality

In this stage, our building team along with the project managers will take through the details of the structural design, concrete mix. Further we also help you evaluate if the wall thickness, fixtures and finishing are as per the plan that we discussed and completed

Handing over the keys

As the popular saying goes – All is well that ends well, our final step is to hand over the keys and have you begin living your dream.