Why Build With Us

Every Designer Home – HOME is a Build Custom.

Our Architects create and design a Home of your choice, Just for You.

Each client has a specific vision about his or her Dream Home. And when we talk to them, discuss with them and help them visualize their Dream Home the ensuing vision is every time different from the previous one we have created. DH specializes in giving shape to their vision.

At Designer Homes we pride ourselves that each home that we have built is unique. We believe that a Home should reflect the lives of the people living in them. Our designs are entirely dictated by the requirements of our clients because it is paramount that a home has character.

DH has never built the same home twice. Each DH Home has a presence defined by design sophistication and the personality of its owners.

Double Storey Home New Zealand

Economical, Healthier and SMART HOME

Eco Living is our approach to creating your home that aims to maximize your family’s comfort while reducing your home’s running costs.

Double Storey Home New Zealand

DH believes in delivering exquisitely crafted Homes for every budget. Whether your budget is $400,000 or $1,000,000 plus, we will ensure we deliver the best possible outcome through creative and innovative design procedures and a clear understanding of your priorities.

The DH design process takes into consideration your land, budget, and lifestyle requirements. We achieve this balance on every project through our unwavering dedication and commitment towards delivering value.

Eco Living and Energy Management are two buzz words that are highly relevant to any construction. DH believes in fulfilling tomorrow’s necessities through precision craftsmanship and Smart Solutions that will help you manage your Energy Consumption better. 

Everlasting timeless designs

We make home designs stay timeless; our architecturally inspired homes are designed to be different. Our designs can be customized to suit your individual requirements.

Our design ranges cover the past, present and future of home design and construction. You can customize any of our designs to suit your requirements and they can be reconfigured to suit sloping blocks or odd shaped blocks.

We will offer you multiple pre-designed floor plans and one of our designers can alter the plan to suit your needs. Whether you want to make the living room a bit bigger or resize the kitchen to give it an Indian feel DH will be flexible enough to get it done. 

Why be limited to just a “Standard” floor plan, when you can create something that is unique to your taste. Whatever your unique requirements are DH will work with you to give wings to your dreams. Talk to our design specialist today to discover if DH is right for you.

Double Storey Home New Zealand